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John Seale

‘Over in LA, all the crews call you ‘Sir’ … I just don’t think it’s right. I’m just one of the many cogs flying around a planetary gear which is the director’ He started his career on a relative’s farm in Queensland before discovering a passion for photography. Today, the Oscar winner for Best Cinematography is one of the most…

John Konrads

‘The Olympic gold medal, that’s the high of all highs. It’s an environment of everything you’ve always strived for. Pride, joy, and relief … a lot of relief’ The former Olympic swimmer opens up about his youth as an avid athlete, his rise to gold-medal fame, his 13-year stint at the top of L’Oréal Paris, and how he finally managed…

Jodhi Meares

She began her career in fashion as a young teen, so it’s little surprise this Australian icon knows everything there is to learn about the industry, and that she’s taking the world by storm with her own clothing labe.

Henri Szeps

Henri Szeps ‘I can’t ever say goodbye. There comes a point of separation where I’m handling it. Then there comes a tipping point … I just turn and walk away’ The Swiss-born actor and comedian talks about his past and his genuine fears for the entertainment industry of the present, and reveals secrets about his plans for the future.

Gavin O’Neill

The world-renowned photographer has come far since his beginnings experimenting with cameras in New Zealand. Here, he tells of his flexible life in Europe, his experience with celebrities, models and nudes, and how it is the art and expression of his work that keeps him so passionate about life through a lens.

Deni Hines

Deni Hines is a consummate performer. Decked out in an eclectic array of pastel coloured clothing, eyes hidden behind oversized sunglasses, she sits contently and sips her beverage. Then, it’s as if she’s given her performance cue. “Sweetie,” she trills, arms extended for a warm, welcoming hug. “Come into my office and grab a seat,” she continues playfully as she…

Ken Done

Ken Done lives on the Lower North Shore in his home along the cliffs above Chinaman’s Beach. Here, in his luscious garden overlooking the ocean, he can think, be inspired and, figuratively speaking – as much of his surroundings are man-made – be at one with nature.