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Lee Kernaghan

Acclaimed country singer, Lee Kernaghan, has given a voice to the diggers past and present in his latest album, The Spirit of the Anzacs. On Rememberance Day in 1993, former Prime Minister Paul Keating gave a speech on behalf of the Unknown Soldier. It was the eugology of man whose identity had been lost in time – a man whose…

David Stratton

  Many people have a love affair with films. They like to see them, discuss them and rave about them to their friends. For David Stratton, it’s more like a lifelong marriage. Christian Berechree spoke to the film critic about his decision to host an exhibit with special meaning to him.  

Cloud Control

“We never set out to write afro-beat songs,” Heidi Lenffer, singer and keyboardist for Cloud Control explains of their break-out hit Gold Canary, which has taken them from Blue Mountains-born band competition entrants to having a single of the week on BBC radio in two short years. “If people listen to our album they’ll see it’s not a consistent thing…

Out of the blocks

But what happens once the racing is over? By CHRISTINE PAUL. Swimming made her name but with a strict diet, rigorous training and no social life, Giaan Rooney struggled to stay afloat. Has her real life begun now her competitive career has ended?  

Deconstructing Dinnigan

In 2004, gossip columnists were in overdrive. On the international stage pop tart Britney Spears got married and divorced within days, Martha Stewart found herself serving time in ‘Camp Cupcake’ and Janet Jackson spawned the term ‘wardrobe malfunction’.  

The Great Defector

Once one of the most popular politicians in Australia, then one of the most derided, Cheryl Kernot’s political career has had more ups and downs than Kevin Rudd’s temper tantrums. The former leader of the Democrats talks candidly about the circumstances surrounding the scandal that almost destroyed her political legacy, and the past, present and future of Australian politics.