Author: Kamdha Editor

Lee Kernaghan

Acclaimed country singer, Lee Kernaghan, has given a voice to the diggers past and present in his latest album, The Spirit of the Anzacs. On Rememberance Day in 1993, former Prime Minister Paul Keating gave a speech on behalf of the Unknown Soldier. It was the eugology of man whose identity had been lost in time – a man whose…

David Stratton

  Many people have a love affair with films. They like to see them, discuss them and rave about them to their friends. For David Stratton, it’s more like a lifelong marriage. Christian Berechree spoke to the film critic about his decision to host an exhibit with special meaning to him.  

Cloud Control

“We never set out to write afro-beat songs,” Heidi Lenffer, singer and keyboardist for Cloud Control explains of their break-out hit Gold Canary, which has taken them from Blue Mountains-born band competition entrants to having a single of the week on BBC radio in two short years. “If people listen to our album they’ll see it’s not a consistent thing…