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Overlooking stunning Sydney Harbour, Quay has just clinched a culinary coup by being named Restaurant of the Year in The Sydney Morning Herald 2010 Good Food Guide and Gourmet Traveller 2010 Restaurant Guide for the second year running.    

The Great Defector

Once one of the most popular politicians in Australia, then one of the most derided, Cheryl Kernot’s political career has had more ups and downs than Kevin Rudd’s temper tantrums. The former leader of the Democrats talks candidly about the circumstances surrounding the scandal that almost destroyed her political legacy, and the past, present and future of Australian politics.  

The Magic Ingredient

Tetsuya Wakuda rushes in, apologising profusely for running late. Even when on the back foot, one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs is graceful and affable. Today he is positively glowing; his face radiates a soft shade of pink from the humidity outside as he introduces himself only as ‘Tetsuya’.

John Konrads

‘The Olympic gold medal, that’s the high of all highs. It’s an environment of everything you’ve always strived for. Pride, joy, and relief … a lot of relief’ The former Olympic swimmer opens up about his youth as an avid athlete, his rise to gold-medal fame, his 13-year stint at the top of L’Oréal Paris, and how he finally managed…

Jodhi Meares

She began her career in fashion as a young teen, so it’s little surprise this Australian icon knows everything there is to learn about the industry, and that she’s taking the world by storm with her own clothing labe.